PHONE  612-309-2316
PHONE  612-309-2316

Our Varieties

We chose four different varieties of garlic. They range from mild to spicy; this accommodates different taste palates. All of our garlic are of the hardneck varieties.

Great Northern White: The lightest and most mild of our garlic. it is robust yet gentle.

Chesnok Red: This aromatic variety has some slight heat and is best for cooking as it holds its flavor and has a mellow aftertaste.

German Red: This clove provides a beautiful savory aspect to any cooking dish. It has some slight heat as well, but it is not overpowering.

Georgia Fire: This variety can pack a punch, and tastes excellent in salsa. Fear not- you can still enjoy this variety roasted which knocks some of that heat out.

Who We Are

The Garlic Dream was founded by  a father and daughter duo. Their love for garlic stemmed from tasting the difference between store bought and home-grown garlic. After mulling over the idea for months, The Dream begain. With land available in Trempelau county, they seized the opportunity to transform their idle space into something productive.  
The first year was exciting, as it was a whole new beginning with many risks. There was much trial and error involved. However, the risk proved to be worth is as the produce yield was beautiful and lacking defects.
Althought the Garlic Dream is still working on perfecting growing and harvesting methods, we are extremely excited for the road ahead of us while we expand and learn.

Why Eat Our Garlic?

Our garlic is raised in the most natural ways possible. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by using all natural fertilizer and avoiding any sort of pesticides. 
What does this mean for you? No intake of toxic chemicals and the best tasting garlic you've ever had.

Our Fertilizers

As stated before, we strive to use the most natural methods of farming possible. Our fertilizer is no exception. It is locally sourced and creates a beautiful environment for our garlic to grow in.  Our soil is tested for saftey and to assure the garlic is grown in the best terrain. The nutrients and minerals are extremely abundant in our soil- giving our consumers the best garlic around.