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PHONE  612-309-2316


The Garlic Dream is located in rural Trempealeau County, Wisconsin about 1.5 miles north of Pleasantville.  My Daughter Tess and I love garlic and were excited to farm a piece of land that has not been farmed in over 20 years.  We were going to name it Pleasantville Garlic farm however we came up with “The Garlic Dream” as it is our dream to use the profits to help the community, to learn about natural farming and to assist my daughter pay off her student loans (who says Millennia’s aren’t willing to get their hands dirty !). 
We started out with about ¼ of an acre of land which currently has about 1200 plants. We proceeded to clear the land with my grandfathers 1942 Ford 2n and the original quack digger he has had since then.  Once cleared of most of the weeds we hand tilled the land with a used Simplicity tiller (gotta love products made in Wisconsin). With the plot looking great we proceeded to take soil samples and work with our local Ag department.  We were in luck as the soil tested out near perfect.  To ensure success we added several loads of cow manure and organic fish and kelp fertilizer!
We designed a hand planter which allowed our bulbs to be planted 4 inches apart and started with 4 types of garlic based on some great input and seed from Tamarack Garlic Farm. After the garlic was planted in October we purchased several bales of straw and mulched our garlic beds.  From that point on it has been great expectations for spring.  During our "off season" in early spring we have a hobby of making maple syrup- collecting from the same land. This allowed us an opportunity to check on our garlic as well and we were amazed at the progress. Each year we plan to double the size of our plot until we hit our goal of 1 acre and 10 varieties of garlic. Our Facebook and Instagram page will be coming soon!